We offer

Our experts deal with several research projects and consultations for various contracting entities. We offer cooperation and/or advisory services for firms, public administration and non-profit organisations in the thematic areas as follows:

– processing of audits of transport politics (e.g. pursuant to the QUEST, BYPAD or ISEMOA methodologies)
– analyses of barriers in the introduction of new measures in the area of sustainable mobility (institutions, key actors approach)
– analyses of transport behaviour of various inhabitant groups (preferences of transportation types, willingness to change the transportation mode, estimation of the impacts of transportation politics on behaviour)
– processing of concept papers for public administration and institutions – creation of institutional mobility plans
Contact Person : Ing. Mgr. Hana Brůhová-Foltýnová, Ph.D. 
– processing of national and regional analytical and strategic documents within the context of the Czech Republic
– processing of analytical and strategic documents in the trans-border context within the Central European space
– analysis of regional labour markets in the Czech Republic and in Central Europe
Contact Person: doc. RNDr. Jaroslav Koutský, Ph.D. , RNDr. Václav Novák, Ph.D. 
– testing of applications/environment in particular by means of UX/UI/design
– analyses and optimisation of company processes
Contact Person: Ing. Libor Měsíček, Ph.D.
– complex auditing of employer attractiveness – identification of weak and strong sides from the perspective of current and potential employees
– talent management – possibility of acquiring, testing and stabilising of talents
– revising the process of employee evaluation (methodological setting as well as personalised realisation)
– assessment of education effectiveness and employee development, searching for new options (methods and forms) with regard to the needs and possibilities of the employer
Contact Person: PhDr. Alice Reissová, Ph.D.
– conceptualising the creation of (outer) innovation ecosystem
– conceptualising of cooperation with a start-up community
– for beginning entrepreneurs – setting of a business model 
Contact Person: Ing. Tomáš Sivíček, Ph.D.
barrier analyses of implementation of new measures in the area of environmental protection
– analyses of institutional environment and key player approaches
– processing of conceptual documents for public administration (e.g. plans for droughts)
Contact Person: doc. Ing. Lenka Slavíková, Ph.D.
– complex cooperation in preparation of strategic development documents of towns, municipalities and regions
– consulting services in the area of cohesion politics, projects, town and municipality subsidies and ITI tools
– cooperation in transforming the coal regions
Contact Person: Ing. Tomáš Sýkora