Department of Law and Political Science

We provide the teaching of subjects of private and public law for all study programmes, including the subjects of political science. The prevailing emphasis is on the basics of law, private law (civil and commercial law), labour law, insolvency law, family law, including administrative law in the field of public administration and self-government.

We offer elective courses for all specialisations, such as business contracts and commercial companies, public relations and communication. Our scientific and publication activities focus on current legal theory issues and political and social links of Czech-German relations. Some members of the Department are also active judges and advocates. 

Head of Department:  doc. PhDr. Václav Houžvička, Ph.D.

Deputy Head: Mgr. Karel Šemík

Administration: Hana Zdarská

Contact: FSE UJEP (1st floor) č. 113, Moskevská 54, tel.: +420 475 284 802


Associate Professors
doc. PhDr. Václav Houžvička, Ph.D.
doc. JUDr. Pavel Mates, CSc.

Assistant Professors
JUDr. Petr Černý, Ph.D.
Mgr. Karel Šemík
Mgr. Jan Tichý

External Staff
Mgr. Jan Polesný
JUDr. Michal Vejlupek
JUDr. Marek Zápotocký