Contact person

Mgr. Jitka Dvořáková
Coordinator of external relations

Room: MO 221, Moskevská 54
Phone: +420 475 28 4718
+420 775 605 083
Email: jitka.dvorakova[at]

If you want to visit me, please, use my office hour: 10:00 – 11:00 and 13:00 – 14:00. If you want to visit me at another hour, you can write me an email in advance. 

Summer Course Offer

KMI/W0006 – Introduction to SAP
KEMA/W0052 – Future and Innovation
KEMA/W0042 – Social Networks in Company Practice
KEMA/W1103 – Applied Economics
KEMA/W0016 – Company Management
KEMA/KEURO – European Union
KEMA/W0009 – Introduction to Marketing
KEMA/W0047 – StartUp Business
KCJ/MPVTA – Presenting Research Topics in English
KCJ/MPV01 – Presentation of Proffesional Outputs in English
KCJ/W0056 – Taboos and Issues
Human Resource Management
Sustainable Erasmus Mobility (offered by Faculty of Environment)

Winter Course Offer

KEMA/W0018 – Corporate Economics
KEMA/W1102 – Well-Being and Happiness
KEMA/W1034 – Business Ethics
KEMA/W0052 – Designing for Future and Innovation
KEMA/W0027 – Knowledge Management
KMI/W0006 – Introduction to SAP
KEMA/MSPCH – Social Choice and Public Choice Theory
KCJ/W0059 – Intercultural Training
KCJ/W0041 – British Cultural Studies
KCJ/W0064 – English for Banking and Finance
KCJ/W0007 – Business English Conversation
KCJ/W0057 – Interkulturelles Training (in German)
KCJ/W0023 – Spanish – Lower Intermediate