Social responsibility

The Faculty of Social and Economic Studies is an educational and research institution, which strives for a responsible approach to its partners and takes into consideration the principles of sustainable economic and environmental development. Corporate social responsibility comes out of the values and visions of the faculty.


People are the most precious assets we have.
We permanently strive for an increase in employees’ satisfaction and maintaining friendly atmosphere at our workplaces. There has been a research about the contentedness of employees and consequently 5 sick days for non-academic employees have been introduced, thus prolonging their paid holiday to 6 weeks. The FSE has successfully passed a gender audit, aimed at the harmonizing of professional and personal lives, the differences between the financial remuneration for men and women have been minimized.

Students are our partners
Students regularly evaluate the quality of the teaching staff and participate in the management of the FSE by means of their representatives in the Senate. The representation of students in the students’ chamber of the Senate is at the maximum level allowed by the law. Students are actively involved in the faculty research projects.  In the premises, a students’ club has been established and the FSE regularly organises a number of informal events.

Our surroundings – our interest
The FSE is a partner, which uses its professional capacities for the solution of  current social issues and has established successful cooperation with a number of companies  and institutions. We cooperate also with non-profit organisations, e.g. the profit from the festival FSEfest 2015 was donated to the Sense and Sensibility endowment fund.


The Award of the Ústí Region for Social Responsibility
On December 15, 2015, the Ústí region declared together with the Quality Council of the CR and Economic and Social Council of the Ústí Region the results of the first year of the competition: Prizes of the Ústí Region for social responsibility. The FSE won the 1st place in the category of the public sector. In the first year, 23 entities applied, all interested in responsible behaviour towards employees, clients, the living and entrepreneurial environments. The information about the results could be seen in the following video (around the 6th minute, there is an interview with the dean of the FSE).

Gender audit
In 2014, the faculty successfully passed the gender audit carried by the company APERIO, which proved that the institution was observing the principles of equal opportunities in the area of personal policy, harmonizing working and private lives and company culture. Concerning the equal opportunities at the FSE, the following video has been prepared.

Gender audit  is a specialized analysis, which finds out and evaluates to what extent the organisation observes the principles of equal opportunities for men and women at the workplace. The gender audit is not a control, but a specific view at the processes and the functioning of the company both towards its own employees and outside customers.
For more information about the acquired award see the following web page: Gender audit.


The faculty is an active member of the Business Leaders Forum platform, which unites leading socially responsible firms and institutions.