Student registry

We secure organisational activity connected with the study issues in compliance with Dean’s Directive No. 2/2009 of the faculty. In particular, we:

  • perform enrolment of students and assessment of the course of their studies on the basis of accredited study programmes, 
  • manage and process the administrative agenda of all forms and types of studies and bear the responsibility for the records thereof,
  • carry the liability for the operative record of the course and the result of studies of individual students (on the basis of the STAG information system),
  • process statistical reports required,
  • organise admission procedures, matriculation, state undergraduate examinations, state postgraduate examinations, and graduations,
  • manage the scholarship agenda,
  • issue confirmation of studies and confirmation of the students completion of their studies,
  • provide students with information on organisational, study, and miscellaneous issues.

The Student Registry is located on the ground floor of the faculty building, Moskevská 54. For more information please contact: 

Bc. Lenka Petláková (for Ph.D. students)

Mgr. Jitka Ježková (for Erasmus+ students)