Our mission


The main mission of the Faculty of Social and Economic Studies of the UJEP is to contribute, by its educational and research activities, to the increase in the competitiveness of the Ústí Region and to the improvement in the quality of life in this region.


The Faculty of Social and Economic Studies values education and culture. Education in relation to the Faculty means a complex system of knowledge about the present-day world, a set of useful skills and education towards humanism, tolerance and responsibility. The faculty asserts an innovative, team and active approach. In its activities, it applies the following principles, which are embedded into the academic surrounding and are generally shared both by the students and the employees of the faculty.

Respect to liberty – Academic liberty means an undisputable value imbedded in the internal regulations of the faculty. These values are first of all expressed by liberal tuition, liberal creative activities and the institutional autonomy of the faculty.

Respect to responsibility – Each student and employee of the Faculty is fully aware of the responsibility for the consequences of his or her performance. Through its students and employees, the faculty is fully responsible for the results of its educational and research activities. Regarding the outside environment, the faculty fully accepts its responsibility of an active participant in the economic, social and cultural development of the region.

Respect to the achieved results – Each student and employee of the faculty fully uses their capacities to achieve maximum possible results. Each member of the faculty is fully and fairly remunerated for his/her performance.

Respect to an individual and to the whole – Each student and employee of the faculty means a unique individuality with their opinions, possibilities, feelings and needs. And in this way he or she is respected by the faculty surrounding. And the same way, each individual feels responsibility towards the faculty as an institution, and through his or her own performance contributes to the development and strengthening its position.


The FSE UJEP is a respectable educational institution, which prepares graduates successfully employed in the labour market, by means of quality tuition, and thus significantly contributes to the increase of the qualification level of the Ústí Region.
The faculty tries to find and to describe problems and topics relevant to the economic and social situation of the region, and with its research activities contributes to their solution. It, at the same time, serves a place for creating or active implementing of social, product and process innovations and their dissemination into the external environment.
The faculty represents the main gateway for international contacts in the area of economic and social sciences between the Ústí Region and the outside world.
The faculty is also a source of inspiration for other institutions and firms within the region as a functioning enterprise and employer.