Programs in Czech

The faculty wants to provide its students with high-quality education and aid them in becoming real professionals in their selected fields. We believe in an innovative, active, team-work approach motivating both the students and our staff to perform as well as they can. 

At the moment, the students have the option of selecting from 3 undergraduate and 3 follow-up postgraduate programmes. Within the undergraduate programme, they will familiarize themselves with the theory of the field of study and will get acquainted with the field’s terminology. Thanks to the practical form of study, they will learn to deal with problems and situations which are directly related to the performance of work in the given area. The graduates are ready to either join the labour market or to pursue their studies further at our or any other university.

The follow-up postgraduate programme allows graduates of the undergraduate programmes to penetrate the selected issue to greater depths and to become true experts appreciated in managerial positions. 

Furthermore, we ensure 2 specialised doctoral study programmes with a focus on applied economic policy, regulation and behavioural economics.

Those students who wish to experience part of their studies or professional experience abroad are fully supported to do so. We motivate our students to utilize their studies to try out new roles, encounter unfamiliar situations, and collect as many experiences and as much experience as possible to subsequently employ later on in their professional as well as personal lives.

Bachelor undergraduate study programmes

It regards a three-year action-oriented study programme after secondary school with the aim of acquiring an academic degree of Bc. (Bachelor). Our undergraduate study programmes are as follows:

  • Economy and Management
  • Regional Development and Public Administration
  • Social Policy and Social Work

Master undergraduate study programmes

It regards a two-year postgraduate study programme for Bachelors, who wish to deepen their theoretical knowledge in their respective fields. The study programmes aim at acquiring the degree if Ing. (Engineer) or that of Magister/. Mgr. (Master). Our postgraduate programmes are as follows:

  • Economy and Management
  • Regional Development and Public Administration
  • Management in Social Work

Doctoral Study Programmes

It regards a four-year specialised study programme for Engineers and Masters who intend to engage in independent scientific pursuance of their selected topic, creative activity, and teaching. The graduate shall acquire the research degree of Ph.D. (Doctor). Our doctoral study programmes are as follows:

  • Applied Economics and Public Administration
  • Regulation and Behavioural Studies