High-featured events

SEDER – Social and Economic Development & Regional Policy: This international conference strives to connect economists, regionalists, geographers, and sociologists from various institutions in Central Europe, to share information on the ongoing research and to search for potential cooperation. We organise the conference on a biannual basis. 

CzechEnviThesis – A national competition of undergraduate and postgraduate theses in the area of the environment, aka students for nature: On an annual basis, we select the best graduate theses across the tertiary education institutions in the whole of the Czech Republic. We thus support young talent and popularise the results of their research activities. The competition takes place under the umbrella of the Czech Minister of the Environment and is supported by a number of private sponsors.

14th annual conference of the  International Academic Association on Planning, Law and Property Rights: In February 2020, we organized the international conference for 120 planners, lawyers and other social scientists from more than 30 countries. Learn more about the event HERE.