Ing. Libor Měsíček, Ph.D.

Room: 225, FSE Moskevská 54
Phone: +420 475 284 725
Email: l.mesicek[at]
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-7795-0261


  • Energetics 
  • Information Systems in Business and Public Administration
  • Management
  • Business Economy
  • Social Networks 

Research Interests:

 In my research,  I focus on the issue of interconnecting Information Technologies (the SMART concept, bio-IT, DRM, etc.), soft factors in management, and sociology. These issues are being currently researched within the context of interdisciplinary interconnectivity and the creation of new concepts and proposals of specific processes and data streams. I have been working at the UJEP since 2012, and four years later, in 2016, I began working at the FSE. I have a Ph.D. degree in the field of Information Technology. As of 2014, I have been working in international research teams focused on the utilization of interdisciplinary links in IT, management, and the SMART concept (in particular SMART City and Grid, DRM in healthcare). I am a member of the Czech Society for Systematic Integration, I also took part in a number of scientific, organisational and programming committees at several international conferences (currently, for instance, The 35th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-2021)). I am also a reviewer in several magazines (e.g. the E+M). In 2009, I was the co-founder of the Journal of System Integration and until the year 2013, when I became its administrator.


MPO: Analýza a vývoj automatických testů informačního systému AROP AVANTI ONE (2017), řešitel

Selected publications:

Hong, J. Y., Ko, H., Mesicek, L. a Song, M. (b.r.). Cultural intelligence as education contents: Exploring the pedagogical aspects of effective functioning in higher education. Concurrency and Computation-Practice & Experience, e5489.

Ko, H., Hong, J. Y., Kim, S., Mesicek, L. a Na, I. S. (2019). Human-machine interaction: A case study on fake news detection using a backtracking based on a cognitive system. Cognitive Systems Research 55, 77–81.

Ko, H., Ogiela, M. R., Ogiela, L., Mesicek, L., Lee, M., Choi, J. a Kim, P. (2019). ECG-Based Advanced Personal Identification Study With Adjusted (Qi * S-i). Ieee Access 7, 40078–40084.

Mesicek, L., Petrus, P. a Kovarova, K. (2019). Do Admission Procedure Scores Correlate with University Study Results? In J. Fejfar, M. Fejfarova, M. Flegl, J. Husak, & I. Krejci (Ed.), Proceedings of the 16th International Conference Efficiency and Responsibility in Education 2019 (erie),190–196

Ko, H., Hwang, S., Mesicek, L., Choi, J., Choi, J. a Kim, P. (2018). A Study on Context-Relationship with Context-Attributes for a Smart Service Generation in Smart City. Journal of Universal Computer Science 24(3), 249–260

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Mesicek, L. a Petrus, P. (2016). How to Promote Knowledge Management Systems to Achieve Better Performance (Roč. 45; D. Petr, C. Gerhard, & O. Vaclav, Ed.). Linz: Trauner Verlag