Admission of the Dean on the admission procedure for doctoral studies for the academic year 2022/2023

For the following academic year, it is necessary to submit by 31.08.2022

  1. an officially certified copy of the diploma proving proper completion of studies in the Master’s degree programme (to be delivered in person or sent by post to the address of the study department to the hands of Mgr. Lenka Petláková, FSE, Moskevská 54, 40096 Ústí nad Labem). Applicants who have obtained their higher education at a foreign university must prove that they have achieved the required higher education in the manner specified on the website – Recognition of foreign education.
  2. Send the following documents in English to jirina.jilkova [at] as well as a copy to lenka.petlakova [at] in pdf format:
    1. CV, including any creative work and publications (preferably with links to electronic versions);
    2. doctoral project (expose) – a text of 3-5 pages, which, with references to current international scientific literature, defines: a) the research problem, b) the research objective, c) the research methodology.
    3. The project should also include a proposal for the name of a future supervisor and, if applicable, a consultant with whom you have consulted.

Oral interview – 14.09.2022 or 16.09.2022 
Results of the admission procedure – 21.09.2022
Online enrollment in the studio – 24.09.2022

The dissertation  themes below are outlines of the research orientation of the supervisors, and may be specified as research topics according to the needs and interests of the supervisors and their students.  The applicants may contact the professors and explore possible topics within the themes.

prof. Jiřina Jílková – in cooperation with postdoc consultants of the  Ph.D. thesis

Regulatory Impact Assessment on local and regional level

Impacts of regulatory interventions on business, consumers and municipalities

Regulatory barriers for technological and social  innovations

Evidence based policy: Interplay between economists, legal experts and courts

Regulatory experiments and sand-boxes as innovative tool of public policy

Behavioral, regulatory and economic aspects of the transformation

prof Eva Jozífková

Social hierarchy: the cohesion and the risks

prof. Julia Leventon

Bridging scales in transformation for sustainability: individual, collective and societal behavioural change

Processess of governance transformation: the democratic challenge of global change

Occupational safety and health, OSH – BOZP

The General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR

When teaching online – Consent to make a recording in the application – APPROVAL