Regulation and Behavioural Studies

Program code: tbs
Program type: doctoral
Lenght: 4 years
Title: Ph.D.
Program supervisor
prof. Ing. Jiřina Jílková, CSc.

The main mission of the 4-year specialised study programme is to raise our students to become experts and analysts with the knowledge and skills at their disposal intended for critical analysis of the functioning of economic policy, tools of economic regulation, and consumer protection. We focus on the current social issues that are projected into the conception of public policies.

The principal starting point of the study programme is the knowledge base of Behavioural Economics and Psychology. This study programme develops the possibilities of interacting within a research team, presenting and defending the results of one’s own research work. The students have the option to make use of a modern stationary and mobile behavioural laboratory and a SMART laboratory of public administration equipped thanks to public funds of the OP VVV CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_017/0002689 project. The study programme takes place both in the Czech and the English language.

Graduate Profile and Career Prospects

Graduates possess detailed knowledge of contemporary economic theories, economic policy, and regulation. They are able to utilize advanced statistical and econometric methods and methods of experimental economics. The acquired theoretical knowledge can be utilized in conceptual strategies and economic policy tools. They are equipped with experience in fundraising and scientific project management. This study programme includes an internship abroad.

Graduates are prepared to work in research-oriented institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad. They shall prove themselves in national and supranational regulatory bodies, in politics, and on executive positions in the non-profit sector as well as in public administration.