First physical meeting of D-Care project team

How the project D-Care is running and what are the future steps in building #smartcare services in the Danube region?

Those were some of the topics discussed on September 29-30 in the beautiful and vibrant city of Cluj-Napoca.

The Communication and Management meeting of the #dcareproject, was finally in a hybrid form due to the COVID situation, although planned to be the first physical meeting of the project team. 

Among those who made it to come is Tomáš Siviček , from our faculty. Our Faculty of Social and Economic studies prepares future social workers and experts on regional development. 

What is the upcoming agenda you can expect?

Transnational and regional events (most likely online) related to the Innovative Learning Environment and its interregional dimension, testing of the learning programs for caregivers, and elders, innovation calls helping service providers find the right solution from innovative companies and institutions. Stay connected.