Smart Care Lab is running

Alongside with the Innovation Contest, the Smart Care Lab has been officially deployed in Czechia.

The Smart Care Lab is a cluster type of coordination with national and transnational level of cooperation and it is focused on facilitation of creation, testing, validation and delivery of smart care services that will strengthen and integrate regional social and health care systems, with the goal of improving competences and generating innovative social and health care models.

The SCL structure anticipates front-end (e.g. website) part and back-end part related to  activities like innovation call, and 3 horizontal layers – networking and matchmaking (e.g. quadruple helix stakeholder groups), tools and knowledge base (e.g. e-learning platform), and repository of solutions.

The long-term vision of the Smart Care Lab is to develop into the Living Lab.The initial focus and agendas were discussed with national stakeholders during the workshops on June 3-4. Now, based on the outcomes of the workshop and other information gathered, the D-Care project is finalizing SCL Strategy. The strategy will be complemented by the regional action plans. 

The innovation call/contest is the SCL’s first tangible activity for companies and innovators to proposeinnovative technologies and solutions for developing smart care services/models  

Concept of the Smart Care Lab – HERE.