Green Netiquette – Voices for Sustainable Future

Our online platform is officially live! Join the conversation on cultivating a sustainable digital world. Explore to engage in open discussion on environmentally consious netiquette.

Let´s share best practices, ideas and insight to make a positive impact.

Together – we can create a greener, more responsible online community.

More about the project.

The Green Netiquette Project, funded by the Czech Republic’s National Agency under the Erasmus+ program, is revolutionizing digital interaction by promoting environmentally-conscious netiquette. Four partners are implementing Green Netiquette; Univerzita Jana Evangelisty Purkyně v Ústí nad Labem (UJEP), Czech Republic; Eurospeak Limited, Ireland; Istituto ad Ordinamento Universitario “Scuola Superiore Carolina Albasio”, Italy and Youthmakers Hub, Greece.

The project successfully kicked off digitally on May 30, 2023, fostering insightful discussions among partners. Subsequent virtual meetings have deepened collaboration, ensuring effective planning for upcoming deliverables.