Electronic information sources

Use UJEP – EBSCO electronic resources. These are licensed online databases designed primarily for science and research. Databases contain mostly articles from professional periodicals, statistical data, videos, e-books, etc. 

EBSCO Discovery Service
Information sources – instructions 


APA citation style 

Citation manager

The citation manager allows you to store records of various documents (books, journal articles, conference papers, etc.) in a single database. The program stores information such as the author, title, publisher, year of publication, ISBN, ISSN, proceedings, etc. It downloads data from libraries, electronic databases, repositories, Youtube, etc. It also allows you to save entire PDF files. 

In the high-quality citation manager, you can choose from a large number of citation formats that work with a text editor (Word). This will allow you to record the relevant source directly in Word and finally generate an updated bibliography.

We recommend Zotero or Citation Pro as the 2 best citation programs/managers. 

Zotero is a citation assistant that you can download at zotero.org

Citation PRO

  • this is the Czech citation manager 
  • you can install MS Word Add-in -> Extended Version for Microsoft Word