Applied Economics and Public Administration

Program code: tbs
Program type: doctoral
Lenght: 4 years
Title: Ph.D.
Program supervisor
doc. Ing. Lenka Slavíková, Ph. D. 

During the 4 years of study, the students become specialised experts with an understanding of the functioning of social institutions both in the Czech and the international context. Economic knowledge is integrated with elements of other social sciences (philosophy, sociology, political science). This allows the students to deal with social issues from a specific perspective with emphasis on the practical impacts of individual solutions and having regard to the functioning of the public sector and the behaviour of individual players. Through its establishment, the programme picks up the thread of the Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) degree taught at universities in the western Europe ever since the 1920s.

Graduate Profile and Career Prospects

The aim of the study programme is to develop the graduate’s critical thinking, consideration of social problems in wider perspectives while preserving a sufficiently deep expertise in the area of economics and other scientific disciplines. Apart from the interdisciplinary approach towards problem-solving, the emphasis is also placed on the deepening of soft skills, such as teamwork, cultivated oral and written expression, language competencies, innovative forms of teaching and research with the support of distance and experimental tools.

The graduates are active in two fields:

a) the academic sphere and other research-oriented institutions;

b) the professional sphere. 

The graduates are prepared for the performance of a wide scale of professions with significant social impacts in public administration, national and supranational regulatory bodies, politics, the non-profit sector (charity organisations, think tanks), influential organisations, journalism and the private sector, especially in the area of CSR (corporate social responsibility) and PR, but also on higher executive positions that require a comprehensive perspective of the issues at hand. Our graduates have career prospects both in the Czech Republic and abroad