RNDr. Marta Žambochová, Ph.D.

Room: 308, FSE Moskevská 54
Phone:  +420 475 284 807
Email: marta.zambochova[at]ujep.cz 
ORCID ID: 1-7893-272X R


  • Econometry
  • Statistics and Quantitative Methods in Economics and Management
  • Statistical Data Analysis and Decision-Making 

Research Interests:

My research interest stems from my hitherto experience in the field of programming and system analysis, as well as from my current pedagogical activity in the area of statistics and econometry. The core of my interest lies in the interconnection of statistical and econometric theory with information technologies. My position at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics is an assistant professor. I am the guarantor of Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences, Statistical Data Analysis, Applied Quantitative Methods, Data and Decision-Making, Database Systems, and Econometry.


SGS:  The concept of regional value added partnership in the agri-food production and rural tourism sectors: proposal for implementation in rural development (UJEP-SGS-45208-15-2002-01, 2020)

VEGA: A model of marketing communication on health-oriented shopping behaviour of consumers  (1/0066/18, 2018), spoluřešitelka

OP VK: Rozvoj matematických  dovedností studentů UJEP. (CZ.1.07/2.2.00/15.0031, 2010 – 2013), spoluřešitelka

Selected publications:

Slavíková, L., Smutná, Z., Žambochová, M., Valentinov, V. (2020).  Public and community conservation of biodiversity rivalry or cooperation? GeoScape 14(1), 36-46
DOI: 10.2478/geosc-2020-0004 

Žambochová, M. (2017). Cluster Analysis of World’s Airports on the Basis of Number of Passengers Handled (Case Study Examining the Impact of Significant Events). Statistika – Statistics and economy journal 97(1), 74-88 

Žambochová, M., Kulhanová, A. (2017). Classification of individuals according to their opinions on acquiring necessary competencies within their studies. ACC Journal 22(3), 31-43,
DOI: 10.15240/tul/004/2016-3-004

Hlaváček, P., Žambochová, M., Sivíček, T. (2015). The influence of the institutions on entrepreneurship development: Public support and perception of entrepreneurship development in the Czech republic. Amfiteatru Economic 17(38), 408-421