Our research activity is based on the combination of basic and applied research, but with stress on the practical use of its results within the area of the Ústí nad Labem region.

Our target group (applied sector) and at the same time our project partner, is public administration, the private sector, as well as households. Within the framework of the research, we engage both in topical problems, as well as we try to be visionaries for the future socio-economic development of society, technical and technological innovations and social challenges. Our research arises from the uniqueness of the Ústí region, which is at the same time the centre of our interest, but it also has an overlap into other regions of the Czech Republic and in the international environment. We are established in a number of international research consortiums, in which we serve as proud representatives of the region and the country where we live. The members of our team rang among internationally renowned specialists in related areas of their research interest with excellent publication activities and their share in teaching activities not only at UJEP, but also at other universities in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Within the environment of the Ústí region, we have developed the concept ‘SMART City – SMART Region – SMART Community’, which covers the thematic area of quality provision of public services, effective functioning of public administration, quality of life, and the image of the region.

We have repeatedly been solution providers in the projects of TACR, GACR, MEYS CR, MA CR (programme Earth, projects of Norwegian funds (EEA Grants), cross border cooperation Czechia-Saxony (Interreg, Aim 3), Central Europe (Interreg) and so on. An extraordinary achievement has been the application and coordination of project COST (pan-European networking scheme Horizon 2020), whose elected chairwoman has become doc. Lenka Slavíková. FSE UJEP, who thus coordinates a group of more than 100 scientists from the entirety of Europe (see more at: Last but not least, applied orders and tasks for the public sector and public administration are solved within the framework of the faculty (Regional Council of the Ústí Region, Regional Council of the Southmoravian Region, Union of Cities and Municipalities in the CR, Confederation of Industry of the CR, Knauf Insulation). In recent years, the faculty has been implementing vast research in the area of autonomous mobility (contracting authority – firm Valeo).

Guest Professors
Prof. John Sheehan

Guest Professor in the doctoral studying programme “Applied Economy and Public Administration (FSE UJEP), Holder of Professional Certificate in Native Title and the Anthropology of Aboriginal Land Tenure (University of Adelaide), Fellow of Australian Property Institute, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, or Planning Institute of Australia.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thomas Hartmann

Associate Professor at the department for Environmental Science (Wageningen University & Research), Guest Professor in the doctoral studying programme “Applied Economy and Public Administration (FSE UJEP), Editor of excellent journals (Journal of Flood Risk Management, and Urban Planning), Vice Chair of the COST Action “LAND4FLOOD”.