The Debate Challenge at our Faculty

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the Debate Challenge at FSE UJEP, which took place on April 25, 2025. The debates were organized as part of the Erasmus+ Green Netiquette project.

A total of 5 teams participated in the Debate Challenge, with 2 teams formed by students of our faculty and 3 teams from partner high schools (2 teams from Podkrušnohorské Gymnasium in Most and 1 team from the Secondary Industrial School in Teplice).

The Debate Challenge brought many inspirational ideas and strong arguments on the topics of sustainability and ecology.

Debated topics included for example:

  • Is online shopping ecological?

We thank all participants who joined and demonstrated courage and steadfastness in their arguments.

We look forward to further joint activities and thank you for your ongoing support and interest in topics that shape our common future.

You can follow the Green Netiquette project on the Green Netiquette website, and for more information, also visit our project pages at FSE UJEP.