Doctoral level

Study programme: Economic Policy and Public Administration
Specialization: Applied Economy and Public Administration
Study level: doctoral (title Ph.D.)
Form of studies:Full-time and part-time
Guarantor of the study programme: doc. Ing. Lenka Slavíková, Ph.D.

Profile and employment of the graduate

The aim of the studies is to develop in students their independence, the ability of critical thinking, reasoning about social problems in broader connections, sufficiently preserving a deep specialization in the areas of economy and administrative disciplines, to cultivate their spoken and written performance, and to complete their overview of the principles for a functioning society. These basic competences will be achieved by further acquiring knowledge of economics, enriched by findings from other disciplines specialized in examining the social reality. Apart from the standard theory of public choice or from the game theory, students will acquire knowledge about the functioning of the society and its institutions in the form as they appear in present economic, geographical, sociological, political, and philosophical literature. The stress is especially placed on understanding the mechanism of individual and group decision making processes in society.

The graduates acquire the basic practical skills for empirical analyses of society, not only by means of the standard econometric and regional analyses, but also from experimental methodology and other quantitative and qualitative methods; they will become acquainted with the principles of heuristics, resource review, and their interpretation.

Employment for graduates

The graduates will be prepared for employment in two areas: both in the academic sphere and other research institutions and in other professions. The program sets the aim to prepare graduates for a successful performance in a number of professions, whose execution brings substantial social impacts and thus requires the understanding of their causes and consequences. An example could be employment in public administration, national and supranational regulation institutions, politics, the non-profit sector (charities, think tanks, etc.), in influential institutions, such as journalists or in the private sector, especially in the area of corporate social responsibility and public relations, but also in higher executive positions, which require a holistic approach to solving problems. The emphasis will be placed on the possibilities of employment in foreign countries.





Guarantor of the study programme
doc. Ing. Lenka Slavíková, Ph.D.
+420 475 284 910