Research centres

There are two research centres based at FSE UJEP, which interconnect their research activities with the needs of practice under the conditions of the Ústí region and the Czech Republic, but also in the international context. The research centres serve as platforms for the cooperation of academic staff with the representatives of the applied sector.


IEEP, Institute for Economic and Ecologic Policy, is an independent academic workplace specialized in economic aspects of the use and protection of natural resources and regional development. Research workers of IEEP carry out analyses on the adequacy of regulation, cost effectiveness and quality of the institutional surrounding with the stress placed on the practical use of their results.



The Research Centre for the competitive and sustainable development of regions (VYCERRO) concentrates on the reinforcement of the research within the area of regional development, the generating of ideas, and the innovation strategies and products, which will contribute to the competitiveness and sustainability of the regions of the Czech Republic.