This year in Texas, next year in Usti

In February this year, Lenka Slavíková , Eliška Vejchodská and Jan Brabec attended the 13th International Conference  on Planning, Law and Property Rights (PLPR) at Texas A & M University. They had one very important task during their journey!

This task was the official takeover of the 14th year of this conference, which is moving from Texas to Ústí nad Labem ! UJEP will host a conference from the 17th to  21st of February, 2020! What is it about? All of the important information can be found HERE .

The conference is sponsored by the International Association on Planning, Law and Property Rights. The Association draws particular attention to the complicated relations between public and private interests regarding land use. Her motto is: „Planning matters. Law matters. Property matters.“

The conference is held under the auspices of the Governor of the Ústí Region, Oldřich Bubeníček  and Rector of UJEP, doc. Prof. RNDr. Martin Balej, Ph.D. .

At the conference in Texas, our representatives presented the results of the research that took place at UJEP.

Lenka Slavíková presented IEEP UJEP, with the contribution: „Different approaches to implementation of natural water retention measures on private land“. In her research, she looks for a solution so that water retention measures can also be used on private land.

Eliška Vejchodská talked about the possible inverse consequences of environmental taxes for example, on that of  a land remuneration charge from an agricultural land fund in the Czech Republic.

Jan Brabec presented a presentation on the upcoming experimental game for mayors of municipalities threatened by floods. In his work, he also found that negotiation could provide a better solution for all, even though property rights were imperfectly divided.