The Centre for Regulation and Behavioral Studies for Research Study Programmes at UJEP

Investigator: prof. Ing. Jiřina Jílková, CSc.
Duration: 09/2017- 09/2022
Provider: The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Operational Program Research, Development and Education

The aim of the project is to establish a science-research infrastructure for the creation and development of doctoral programs “Doctoral School – Applied and Behavioral Studies”. The research infrastructure “Center for Regulatory and Behavioral Studies” consists of several research laboratories for the realization of study programs. The research infrastructure involves the development of a complex system of behavioral laboratories for social science research at UJEP. The research focus will be unique in the context of science and research in the Czech Republic.

The project deals with the acquisition of research equipment and technologies for the Laboratory of Smart Public Administration, Biofeedback and Neuro-Behavioral Research Laboratory, Eye-Tracking System, Mathematical-Statistical Laboratory and Mobile Behavioral Laboratory to conduct field research. It will be the construction of a state-of-the-art scientific and research infrastructure that provides unique conditions to achieve quality research that will be recognized internationally and competitive with facilities around the world. Building a mobile behavioral laboratory is unprecedented at any university in the Czech Republic. Based on the mobile behavioral laboratory, it will be possible to address completely new test groups in the region.

The established research infrastructure will support the implementation of problem-oriented research with practical implications, particularly in the framework of interdisciplinary cooperation in the areas of Regulation and Behavioral Sciences. What is important for the research infrastructure is the involvement and cooperation with foreign experts (CEPS University of Basel, SPECTRA STU Bratislava, IOER Dresden, Manheim University, etc.) and experts from both the public and private sector (CzechGlobe, CEBEX, CETA, RIA Commission, public administration, Regional authority of Usti region and Municipality of Usti nad Labem).

The sub-objectives of this project will support the long-term objectives of UJEP – increasing the quality of doctoral programs at the UJEP as well as the scientific and research outcomes of academic staff (see DU UJEP 2016-2020).