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Regional Development

Study programme: Economic Policy and Administration
Study specialization: Regional Development and Public Administration 6202T104
Study level: Continuing master’s (title Ing.)
Form of studies: Full-time

The aim of the master’s level of studies is to prepare students for a professional analysis and the solution of current problems related to regional development and public administration. Studies are aimed at an interdisciplinary and humanistic approach.

Master’s studies are designed so that the profile of the graduate includes his or her abilities at a very professional level to process conceptual and strategic documents and to be involved in the modernization and functioning of administrative bodies.

The graduates will find employment in all areas and at all levels of public administration, in state institutions and in the private sector, where some knowledge of areal relations and processes is essential. They will also find possibilities for employment in international organizations, specifically in those, which are directly a structural part of the European Union or are connected to it.

They may also find employment as specialists in public institutions, especially in the public administration at the state, regional and communal levels, in institutions dealing with the use of the structural funds of the EU and regional development, in institutions of the European Union, in economic consultancy, economic and regional journalism and so on.

Employment of graduates:

• in institutions of the European Union in Brussels and in other European cities,
• in ministries (e.g. the Ministry for local development, internal affairs, industry and trade, ministry of agriculture),
• in development agencies (Centre for regional development of the CR, CzechInvest, regional development agencies and so on),
• in regional, city and municipal authorities,
• in consulting firms,
• in the non-profit sector, non-government institutions,
• in the private sector, especially in big firms etc.

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