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Economics and Management

Study programme: Economics and Management
Study specialization: Economics and Management 6208T007
Study level: Continuing master’s (title Ing.)
Form of studies: Full time

The specialization prepares graduates for executive posts in the framework of the private and public sectors, especially in the area of management and economics. Students acquire proper theoretical knowledge and practical skills including verifying their application in practice in the areas of marketing, finance, accounting, corporate economics, non-profit institutions and public administration authorities. He or she will become acquainted with the positions and functioning of firms, public administration and the non-profit sector in relation to economic policy and the tax system.
Students acquire knowledge and skills for a successful performance in posts in the area of economics and management of firms and institutions in both the public and non-profit sector. Graduates will be able to carry out managing and controlling functions in the areas of economics and finance, trade and marketing. They will find employment especially in businesses relating to trade and services, transport, warehousing or consultancy, but also in firms and organizations ensuring the provision of public services also in the non-profit sector. 

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