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Social work

Study programme: Social Policy and Social Work (B6731)
Study specialization: Social work 6731 R012
Study level: Bachelor (title Bc.)
Form of studies: Full-time and part-time

Profile courses of the specialization Social Work are aimed at acquiring theoretical knowledge from the area of psychology, pedagogy, sociology, law, social policy and social work methods, and acquiring practical skills for work with an individual, a group and a community. A part of the studies is also the student’s professional practice. Students and department members are involved in grants and in research activities.

The graduates will acquire knowledge and skills necessary for work as social workers in the state administration, self-administration, social and educational institutions. He or she will be well informed about related legal regulations and have the necessary knowledge and skills from the area of psychology, sociology and pedagogy, which will enable them to work with clients and be involved in improving the living conditions of individuals and social groups. Stress is placed on experience in different types of social institutions. Within the framework of their professional practice, the graduates are prepared for consulting activities. The co-operation of the Department of social work and the Association of educators in social work in the CR, whose member the Department is, brings great benefit in the preparation of the graduates.

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