How to apply for \ Bachelor level \ Economics and Management

Economics and Management

Study programme: Economics and Management
Study specialization: Economics and Management
Study level: Bachelor (title Bc.)
Form of studies: Full-time and part-time
The aim of the specialization is to prepare specialists with a broader economic overview aimed at the management and economics of both enterprises and institutions providing public services and non-profit organizations. The student will acquire knowledge of the principles of economic theory, theoretical knowledge and practical skills in management, marketing, finance and accounting and also in corporate economics and public administration.
He or she will be prepared for the application of basic quantitative methods in analyses and IT skills.

He or she will possess good communicative knowledge of one foreign language and practical communicative skills in the area of their profession.
Stress is placed on the close cooperation with practice already during the studies and some preparation for their own entrepreneurship.
The graduate will find employment in businesses and institutions in both the production and non-production sphere, in non-profit organizations and organizations providing public services. He or she will be prepared for the managing and controlling functions in the lower and middle management level of big firms and in the middle management of medium and small enterprises, in the area of state administration and self-administration and in the non-profit sector. The graduates could be employed especially in economic, financial, trade and marketing departments, both in management and fundraising.

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