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The main aim of the ALUMNI Club at the FSE UJEP is to maintain contact with faculty graduates and thus to keep them within the reach of the university activities. The above mentioned contact is reciprocal – the faculty offers participation in different cultural, sport and research projects. On the other hand, it would gladly use the professional and social potential of its graduates for its further development.

We come out of the reality, that the graduates have acquired enough experience and knowledge within the course of their practice, which could be used both in the tuition, and in the form of participation in the assessment of students work at all levels, participating in professional lectures and workshops, expressing opinion on study plans and so on.
We also see in our graduates a good channel how to make students acquainted with professional practice, the contact with this has always been perceived as a week aspect of the tuition. No less important is the fact that via this Club, our graduates can find contacts among themselves, which do not have to finish together with their studies.

Membership in the Alumni Club is free of charge.
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